Daddy Longlegs Shoes, Southwold

Daddy Longlegs Shoes

Comfortable, colourful shoes specially chosen for you

Daddy Longlegs, a shoe shop with a difference

Looking for something unusual or just looking for something for your feet to say "Yes Please" to? Look no further than our little independent Shoe Shop in Southwold Suffolk.

Established in 1998, our aim is to offer quality and style, without being boring. Beautiful leathers together with craftsmanship bring together a wonderful relationship of colour and comfort.

Step through our door to an experience of "WOW". Shoes and boots in Ruby Reds, Beautiful Blues, Gorgeous Greens, Pulsating Purples adorn our shelves, also nestled amongst these you can find blacks, browns and naturals.

Whether you are young or just young at heart, we offer excellent footwear to bring a smile to your face and a happy sign to your feet!!